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Take a classic tool used by mentalists and magicians for hundreds of years to the next level, allowing you to use your favorite pendulum routines to the stage, or grab attention from across the room by making your routines more visible.

From $74.95 – $124.95 USD

Inspired by classic palmistry, Extremity is a beautiful and unique new piece conceived by the talented Mozique. Perform never before seen feats of mentalism with five rings and this custom made palmistry hand.

Available for $399.95 $249.95 USD

Few devices offer a performer as much versatility or hands free elegance as a thumper. We here at TI believe that the mentalism community deserves a dedicated thumper tool that is simple to use but powerful in effect

Now reduced in price: Available for $199.95 USD

The most flexible product yet from Taylor Imagineering and the result of nearly a decade in development. With 8 entirely unique routines included, any 6 pieces of information are yours with Gemini. The possibilities are nearly limitless

Available for $424.95 $399.95 USD

Astounding versatility held in a beautiful leather wallet, and options so varied that no two performances will look alike. Apogee is an entire night of performing in your pocket.

Available for $424.95 $399.95 USD

The perfect PK touch, Wraith allows the performer to psychically ‘touch’ a participant in real time -no time delay or misdirection- from across the room. An impossible moment of pure magic, completely under your command.

From $274.95 – $599.95 USD

A beautiful set of wood and steel wind chimes becomes something more as the spirits take hold and announce their presence. An entirely new concept in spirit bells, Spectral Wind is sure to blow your spectators away.

From $349.95 – $389.95 USD


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