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Astounding versatility held in a beautiful leather wallet, and options so varied that no two performances will look alike. Apogee is an entire night of performing in your pocket.

Available for $424.95 $399.95 USD

The perfect PK touch, Wraith allows the performer to psychically ‘touch’ a participant in real time -no time delay or misdirection- from across the room. An impossible moment of pure magic, completely under your command.

From $274.95 – $599.95 USD

A beautiful set of wood and steel wind chimes becomes something more as the spirits take hold and announce their presence. An entirely new concept in spirit bells, Spectral Wind is sure to blow your spectators away.

From $349.95 – $389.95 USD

More durable, reliable, thinner, and easier to use than the original, Christopher Taylor has added his own touch to bring the Annemann index into the 21st century. A true joy to work with for beginners and veterans of billet work alike.

Available for $64.95 USD

OHM II is not just a performance or a routine, it is a tool designed to open up a new world of possibilities that would normally require a confederate. Take your imagination to a new level. You will have to see it to believe it.

From $274.95 – $499.95 USD

Beautifully crafted and disarmingly mundane, this spectacular piece of hand made kit takes spirit bells to an entirely new level- by allowing the spectator to not just hear, but see the bell ring itself! Because magic should be beautiful.

From $299.95 – $365.95 USD


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