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Each and every item produced by Taylor Imagineering has been designed and built to my demanding specifications with the professional mentalist in mind. Every component is tested thoroughly before shipping to ensure a reliable product.

Whether a question or a concern, we’re here for you. We find that most problems can be addressed with a simple conversation, and we are happy to provide any extra support that you need, through email, skype or over the phone. See our contact page for details.

Every Taylor Imagineering product comes with a 1 year warranty from the date of purchase for the original owner, so you can feel confident that whatever the concern, it will be taken care of with dedication and attention to detail. Should you experience any difficulty with the performance of your T.I. product please contact us directly at

Taylor Imagineering: Ideas that amaze and entertain audiences world wide. You have my word on it.

Christopher Taylor

Terms and Conditions: By agreeing to these terms and conditions the user is agreeing to the following: The user is providing their informed consent to receive occasional email or telephone communications from Taylor Imagineering regarding important announcements and marketing materials. To opt out of these communications you may contact us directly at and revoke this consent. Your information will never be sold to third parties for marketing purposes. The user agrees to the fair use of all Taylor Imagineering products and will not, either through recklessness, ignorance, or malice, reveal or be complicit in revealing the nature or workings of Taylor Imagineering products in a public manner. By agreeing to these terms and conditions you are attesting that y0u will not use multiple accounts for the purposes of making use of promotions for more than the allotted limits- multiple accounts per person are not permitted and may be deleted, restricted, or the offending material removed from the account at the complete discretion of the Taylor Imagineering staff without promise of recompense. Multiple violations of these conditions may result in a frozen or deleted account, user or IP address ban, or further action as deemed appropriate by the Taylor Imagineering staff, without recompense for materials contained upon the account. Purchase of Taylor Imagineering products includes the informed consent of Taylor Imagineering staff and product creators that products sold may be used on television, stage and in performance settings.

Realistic product values will be used for shipping insurance purposes- Taylor Imagineering will not be complicit in attempts to circumvent taxes, levies or duties. Taylor Imagineering will make every reasonable attempt to ensure the safe and reliable transport of purchased goods to the user. Taylor Imagineering is not responsible for goods lost or damaged by postal authorities but will make every attempt to come to an agreeable arrangement with the user in the event of difficulties in shipping. Taylor Imagineering can be reached at for more information or queries regarding lost or damaged items. Taylor Imagineering will make every reasonable effort to ship items in a timely manner, with estimated wait times before shipping of between 1 and 5 days. In some rare circumstances, or for large orders, shipping may take longer than this, and Taylor Imagineering will make every reasonable effort to keep the user appraised of the delay and expected shipping times. Orders can be cancelled at any time before shipping occurs, at which point an equitable arrangement can be made by contacting Taylor Imagineering is in no way liable for  inconvenience or lost wages as a result of products not arriving in time for a performance.