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Reenact a ‘famous Edwardian parlor game’ inspired by it’s namesake- classic tales of murder popular in Edwardian and Victorian England. Have a spectator play the role of the psychic detective and solve a young woman’s murder using an incredible locket watch pendulum, with a kicker finish that is to die for…

Available for $39.95 USD

Fans of Christopher Taylor’s Overkill- Rejoice! Perform this eerie piece of Victorian themed mentalism in style with 10 aged, hand made photographs along with a new performance by master storyteller Dr. SH. Murder never looked so good.

Available for $59.95 USD

A revolutionary new evolution in index work, the Taylor Index Decoding System allows for a perfect prediction of not one, but 4 different pieces of information at a time. Perfect for walk around or stage, the TID system is a must for the working mentalist.

Available from $29.95 – $89.95 USD

Paint stories in colour with the Iris Deck, the colour forcing deck from Taylor Imagineering. Simple to use and able to be handled by spectators, Iris can serve as a colourful addition to an existing routine or as a stand alone performance

Available for $39.95 USD

Predict the future with a set of borrowed objects! 5 objects, unseen by the performer, are laid out in a row by the spectator- only for the performer to know the exact order that they were placed in.

Available for $39.95 USD

More durable, reliable, thinner, and easier to use than the original, Christopher Taylor has added his own touch to bring the Annemann index into the 21st century. A true joy to work with for beginners and veterans of billet work alike.

Available for $74.95 USD

Create powerful storytelling magic ending in a freely chosen number (1 – 10) appearing in ash on the back of your participant’s hand. Your hands are shown empty the entire time except for a beautiful vial used to sprinkle the ash…

Available for $49.95 USD