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OHM II is not just a performance or a routine, it is a tool designed to open up a new world of possibilities that would normally require a confederate. Take your imagination to a new level. You will have to see it to believe it.

From $274.95 – $499.95 USD

Beautifully crafted and disarmingly mundane, this spectacular piece of hand made kit takes spirit bells to an entirely new level- by allowing the spectator to not just hear, but see the bell ring itself! Because magic should be beautiful.

From $299.95 – $365.95 USD

Powerful, organic, and beautiful, Eclipse is used by magicians daily around the world. Set in a gorgeous leather coin wallet, the performer knows the instant the target coin is removed, allowing for a spectacular hands-off reveal every time

Available for $249.95 USD

A delightfully subtle spectator cueing device designed to have participants feel and respond at key points in a performance- all on your command, and all without them realizing they have been cued. Mentalism has never felt so good.

Available for $199.95 USD

The original remote controlled haunted deck! Completely under the performer’s remote command, the deck is placed up to 30ft away, only to cut to the spectator’s signed card. No wires, no mess, just a new take on a classic.

Available for $199.95 USD

Perform Max Mavin’s classic Kurotsuke routine and a variety of others completely hands free with this simple to use and spectacularly organic device. And now receive the TI mini-thumper Pro as a bonus gift! A $200 value- free!

Available for $349.95 USD


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