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Time of Death walkaround kit for use with the Taylor Index Decoding System. Contains 4 locket style watches and prepared photographs.

Available for $34.95 USD

Add some extra versatility to your Extremity kit with an extra set of five (5) custom made rings. Both gimmicked and ungimmicked varieties are available.

Available from $19.95 – $29.95 USD

An extra un-gimmicked Apogee Wallet.

Available for $39.95 USD

An extra gimmicked pen for use with your Apogee Wallet.

Available for $24.95 USD

Open new performing possibilities with the Apogee Wallet Clipboard – an expansion kit to use your existing Apogee Wallet in new and exciting ways.

Available for $29.95 USD

Alternative large “Solstice” style wallet with conversion kit for use with your existing Apogee Electronics.

Available for $49.95 USD

Pendulums are truly magical devices, and with this custom made gimmicked pendulum built for Taylor Imagineering’s Machina and Extremity, now they can truly look the part.

Available for $49.95 USD

Accessory inner music box components for use with the downloadable routine “Pink”. Plays the theme song from the Pink Panther.

Available for $19.95 USD