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Divine new possibilities with Machina, the dual purpose pendulum and chalk board reader from Taylor Imagineering. Read the information provided by a spectator’s pendulum or piece of chalk – hands free from across the stage

Available for $449.95 $274.95 USD

Christopher Taylor provides a wide range of completely electronic free mentalism on this packed DVD. All are easy to perform and each one delivers a profound impact, weaving storytelling into performance.

Available for $39.95 $19.95 USD

With 8 unique and varied routines, this two DVD set is Christopher Taylor at his best- weaving vivid storytelling into original routines to create something truly unconventional.


Available for $49.95 $24.95 USD

Inspired by classic palmistry, Extremity is a beautiful and unique new piece conceived by the talented Mozique. Perform never before seen feats of mentalism with five rings and this custom made palmistry hand.

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Amazing power hidden in the spectator’s own palm, ALONE is a truly devious device from the creative minds of Matthew Johnson and Christopher Taylor. Simple but incredibly versatile, ALONE is perfect for up close mentalism.

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Revolver is a “Lazy Susan” turntable, handmade out of wood, with six electronic “HOT SPOTS” that signals the performer as to which of six objects is removed from the table!

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