Who we are…

Located just outside of Vancouver, Canada, Taylor Imagineering has been committed to providing excellence and innovation since it’s founding in 2007.

Since then we have had the honor of inspiring magicians around the world and creating beautiful routines for the hobbyist and professional alike. Now our products grace the stage from Vancouver to Venice, Toronto to Tokyo, and everywhere in between.

What we do…

TI made it’s first big splash by revolutionizing the classic Max Mavin routine ‘Kurotsuke’ with Equinox. But the stunning new approach to PK touch with Real Ghost (now Wraith) cemented TI as a leader in electronic mentalism


Since then TI innovations have been used daily by performers around the world, including Haunting (the world’s first electronic haunted deck), Death Toll (a spirit bell like no other), and Gemini (the most versatile mentalism product we’ve ever released).


About the founder…

Building off of his life long passion for mentalism, Christopher Taylor founded Taylor Imagineering in 2007 and has been reshaping the world of mentalism ever since.

Starting off by building tools for himself to use in the classroom as a school teacher, Christopher soon began developing unique pieces for local magicians around Vancouver, Canada. Now he supplies performers all across the globe, and is fortunate to call many of them friends.


When not creating exciting new pieces of mentalism he can be found walking his three rescued dogs with his wife, practicing and teaching some of the many martial arts that he has achieved black belts in, or barely tolerating his brilliant and incredibly talented apprentice / web-developer, Derek.